About Us

The Jewelry


MASHALLAH was established in 2011, and is designed by Mashallah Ghouleh in our sunny studio + boutique in Chicago, IL. Each piece of our jewelry is informed by minimal, easy to wear, every day design.

We're an eco-friendly and socially conscious brand that keeps the environment and people top of mind throughout our supply chain. 

Our team sees jewelry as a wearable artistic medium intended to add depth and character to the canvas that is the human body. It is more than jewelry - MASHALLAH is a lifestyle.
















  The designer

Mashallah Ghouleh, is our designer and creative director. She was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of the great city of Chicago. She grew up under the influence of her aunt Ikram Goldman, a global fashion icon. Having been exposed to fashion at a young age, her passion for working in the industry grew over time. While attending college Mashallah started her own freelance styling service and worked on a variety of projects.

For Mashallah accessories, specifically beautiful transitional jewelry have always been a staple. Living in the city and having to transition outfits from day to night, she turned to jewelry as a lightweight and easy solution. After years of being a part of Chicago's fashion scene, and so much experience under her belt, Mashallah set out to create her own jewelry label that communicates timeless style with an edge. As both a designer and collector of all things beautiful, her natural creative energy shines through everything she creates.